Bring on the Bonus Room

  • Jun 12, 2015

Bonus rooms have been around for a while but only recently have become a bit of a must have in home design. The flexibility of the space, inexpensive construction and out of the way location all add to this popularity. Bonus rooms are built into the trusses of the house taking advantage of space that would be otherwise wasted. They are commonly located above the garage but sometimes elsewhere. Some house designs even include a bonus room running the whole length of the main roof. This in-roof location leaves them with a funky looking sloped ceiling breaking out of the square wall feel of most rooms. Home owners find all sorts of uses for this extra space in their homes. A futon, gaming system, a couple of bean bag chairs, and a hamper or two of dirty clothes turn it into an awesome teenage bedroom. A flatscreen TV and a sofa transform it into a perfect multimedia room. Some people use bonus rooms to house a pool table and other game room accessories. Other common uses are playrooms, party room or simply extra storage.Bonus rooms owe their inexpensive construction to a number of factors: trusses are required on house construction anyway. A little over-engineering is all that’s required to turn them into habitable space.