• Jun 09, 2009

Selecting your window styles is an important part of the design and construction of your home. Windows can convey a style or aesthetic just as much as the roof style and exterior finish of a house. Each type of window has its own pros and cons that should be considered while designing and realizing your dream home.


Double & Single Hung Windows

This style features sashes that open vertically. A sash is the individual frame in which a pane of glass is set. In a double-hung window the top and bottom sashes are operable. While only the bottom sash is operable in a single-hung window. When both sashes are open, the double-hung allows for moderately efficient circulation of fresh air within the house. Screens are usually installed on the exterior side of the frame. Both double & single hung windows are usually taller than they are wide, due to the vertical stacking of the sashes. However, multiple frames can be placed next to each other to make a much wider combined window.


Slider Windows

This style features sashes that are opened horizontally. In many ways, a slider window is like a hung window turned on its side. Sliders are available with either one or two operable sashes. Like a double-hung, a double slider window allows for moderately efficient air circulation. Slider windows are usually wider than they are tall.


Casement Windows

This style of features sashes that swing away from the frame. Standard casement windows swing out away from the house. However, there are casement windows that can swing open to the interior. This type of window allows for excellent ventilation due to the sashes “scooping” breezes into the interior. Casements are also easier to clean than other window types.


Awning Windows

="font-family: Arial; mso-bidi-font-family: Arial;">This style is similar to a horizontal, top-hinged casement window. The sash tilts out at the bottom and acts like an overhang to shelter the interior from the elements. This style offers good ventilation qualities. A hopper window is a top-opening awning window placed low on a wall.


Transom Windows

Transom windows can be added to any of the above styles. Some transom windows are operable with a sash style similar to an awning or slider window. The main benefit of transom windows is their contribution to quality of interior light. Curtains can be closed over the lower windows, for privacy, while the transom allows sunlight to enter the space. Transoms can be used on their own to bring sunlight into areas, such as bathrooms, where privacy is a priority.